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Emme by CastanaPendragon Emme :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 4 1
Red Thread
I have a secret.
It's a crimson thread,
Wrapped delicately around
The petit digit on my left hand
It shimmers in sunlight,
On rainy days it glows,
But no one else has seen it
Except one.
I did meet him,
I could not believe
Who was picked for me.
But I gave him a chance,
And we fell deeply, irreversibly
In love.
But he is gone.
Three years later,
Neither him nor me had spoken on it,
But he still said those three words
"I love you,
and I have since we met,
but I need to leave for war"
"Wait for me"
I did,
Anxiously, nervously,
For news, good or bad,
A letter came one day,
"My dear,
I shall be home soon!"
But he never came.
Now I gaze at the crimson thread,
And I wonder,
For what reason,
And why is it,
That the thread
is not broken?
:iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 2 1
Jacky Dress Up by CastanaPendragon Jacky Dress Up :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 4 3 Alyss in Wonderland -Madd- by CastanaPendragon Alyss in Wonderland -Madd- :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 1 0 Alyss in Wonderland -Chessie- by CastanaPendragon Alyss in Wonderland -Chessie- :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 0 0 Alyss in Wonderland -Alyss- by CastanaPendragon Alyss in Wonderland -Alyss- :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 0 0 Chillin' in the Lot by CastanaPendragon Chillin' in the Lot :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 2 1
Pictures of You
Thomas, far away from Mirelle, held a small picture frame in his hands. When the people had captured him, they never took the picture away. They hadn't found it, and even if they had, they wouldn't have taken it away. It wasn't important enough. At least, not to them. Thomas, while he was borrowing his cousin's camera, had taken a picture of Mirelle smiling. No matter where he was, he always took it with him. Now, he stared at it and felt his stomach clench. "Mirelle…!" He choked out. When was the last time he cried? Back when his parents died? No. He had been the only one there not crying. When his brother left? No. It never seemed like much back then. Then when? Only now. Never before had Thomas cried. Not when he had been captured and tortured. Not when everyone he knew left. Not ever before... his vision blurred. Tears dripped onto Mirelle's picture, distorting areas in weird ways. He let his tears fall, and allowed his sobs to wrack his chest roughly. He felt broken. Ripped i
:iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 0 0
Vincent by CastanaPendragon Vincent :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 0 0
An Old Painting
The serious middle-eastern girl sat across for Ludwig and Feliciano in a meeting. Her eyes were on Ludwig the entire meeting, causing Gupta to wonder. After the meeting ended, and most everyone, including Feliciano, had already left, Nira stopped Ludwig before he could leave. "Sit," She commanded.
Ludwig tried to excuse himself. "I need to go and-"
"SIT." Her face was serious and blank. Ludwig dutifully took a chair.
"So what do you want to tell me?" Ludwig scowled.
"Well, it's not so much what I want to tell you," She reached under her chair and pulled something out of a small black bag, "But what I want to show you."
The thing she pulled out looked like the back of a canvas. It wasn't a big picture, maybe 6 by 12 inches. There was some old writing on the back in a child's script.
"Now, I was looking through some of the old things I had from the days when I was conquered by the Crusaders, and I found an old picture in my closet."
"And what, exactly, does this have to do with me?"
:iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 2 0
+SCREAM+ by CastanaPendragon +SCREAM+ :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 1 2 What I've Wanted by CastanaPendragon What I've Wanted :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 2 2
You woke up several minutes later, your head on a pillow. A boy is sitting leisurely, cross-legged, on a chair a few feet away. He has blond hair, and clear blue eyes, too. His aquamarine eyes scan a short novel, about the dimensions of a book you had written and published. Athenii, I called it, and my penname, Jui Darai, was formulated so when the Japanese translated it, it would mean dark flower.
“Ah! Wh-where am I?”
“SM Academy, far eastern branch, blah, blah, blah, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.”
“…That doesn’t help. Who are you?”
“I’m L.”
“What does that stand for?”
“Last name?”
“Who are you?”
“I’m Chizue Yue. I am supposed to be at home right now…my aunty is probably worried sick. D-do you have a cell phone I could use?”
“No, not one that works outside the school.”
:iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 0 0
Bus Stop
“Mmmnn…” You say, after falling asleep on the train you took home.
“Miss…?” One of the train attendants wakes you. “Is this your stop?”
“Huh?” You reply, snapping into full consciousness.
“O-oh! No, my stop was…” You look up at the sign on the bus. “13 stops ago… Ironic.”
“Yes, well, you’ll have to get there yourself. Go through these woods here. It’s quicker.” You thank him profusely. He bows slightly, and his hat falls into your lap. You chuckle at his oddly blue hair.
“Thank you, Ao – nii – sama!” You whip off the train, your hair flicking your face. You notice a tall boy get off too. It seems like he’s following you. You continue into the woods and he disappears. When you are engulfed in the trees, a scent, something like spices, or a flower, Guerlain perfume perhaps, over does your nerves. “Ugh, it’s so delicious and yet, so disgusting in large dos
:iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 0 0
Tight base by CastanaPendragon Tight base :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 5 0 Keep it a Secret by CastanaPendragon Keep it a Secret :iconcastanapendragon:CastanaPendragon 0 0

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It's been a while since I made one of these.
I don't think I ever liked making journals.

But here I am, alive again. I've been keeping on with my life, dealing with high school. I'm a junior now, which is odd.
Many of you don't follow me anymore, I think.
Nevertheless, I wanted to tell everyone I was still alive.


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United States


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